Like an ancient village, the Experience Hotel Corte Bianca welcomes you in an intimate and comfortable place. An Experience Hotel in Ogliastra with an ancient flavor, surrounded by a green garden and a few steps from the sea; an intimate and comfortable place to relax. Ideal for those seeking a holiday of relaxation and nature, with the convenience of the beach within reach.

Since its foundation, in 1967, the Charme Hotel La Bitta represents a refined and warm abode, ideal to the modern traveler. The hotel lies directly on Porto Frailis bay, not far away from Arbatax, on the eastern Sardinian coast. Staying at la Bitta simply means indulging in the relaxed and calm rhythm of a seaside holiday; let our rooms, decorated with attention to detail, welcome and embrace you. Most of them have got an amazing sea view, a small balcony or a terrace overlooking the bay. Each room represents a quiet, secluded space, tastefully adorned with hand-painted majolica.

Relax and enjoy, live life in equilibrium: let your heart guide you. You are the captain of this light-hearted vacation, where sports and nature compete for your attention.

THE STORY BEGINS IN 1967. Arbatax 1967: Giuseppe and Romana come a long way to reach the Ogliastra area. Here, in this Land of Centenarians, they’re welcomed with the wonderful hospitality so typical of this part of Sardinia. With the passion, stubbornness and tenacity that only the union of two strong and determined personalities can provide, they nurture an idea and undertake an extraordinary adventure. Arbatax 2017: fifty years later, we still cultivate the same passion for hospitality, with the same love and dedication that our parents passed on to us. Passion, respect, tenacity and humility have born their fruit, like grape vines that, sinking their roots into ancient earth, produce fine wine. We’ve inherited our parents’passion and passed it on to our children, so that this extraordinary adventure can continue far into the future.

The Bovi Family

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